Deal or No Deal

Will you win?

Or will you fail?

If you have any more DOND games that I have missed, feel free to email me so I can put them on the site!

This section is due for a huge overhaul - making Flash DoNDing a pure pleasure!

PlayTheShow Large Version

The large version of the playtheshow classic. Offers may be a bit naff..


PlayTheShow Small Version



Dilan 04 Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal with Dilan provides better graphics, better offers, and an annoying sound when you lose the big prize. There's a surprise if you win it though! Eeh, it's not that exciting.

Deal or No Deal USA

USA Deal or No Deal with a top prize of $1,000,000. Made by PacDude Games. An excellent rendition, if I say so myself.

Meal or No Meal USA

USA Meal or No Meal with a top prize of unpuffed puffy fish Erect strawberry cake. Also made by PacDude Games.

Meal or No Meal UK

UK version of Meal or No Meal with a top prize of (yuck) caviar and champagne. Made by No longer working.

Deal or No Deal Express



Deal or No Deal Doggy

Really surreal Deal or No Deal with a dog, rock music, no currency, and a top prize of "50,00,000". Have fun. KP has informed me that this is the Indian version of DOND! Sadly have lost the swf so link defunct.

Deal or No Deal Australia

The Australian Version of Deal or No Deal with a top prize of $200,000 and some nice offers. Recommended, as it's rare.


Clock Deal or No Deal

USA version of Deal or No Deal with a strawberry clock as your host and a leek (That's what I think it is...) as the banker. Very strange... Hmmm...

Deal or No Deal Express II

The version featured on some certain website. A better version of Deal or No Deal express, but breaks after you finish the first game. Just refresh to replay. This game has utterly bizarre and unfitting sound effects, by the way...

Banker's Deal

Yet another *yawn* American version of Deal or No Deal! However, the game feels slightly different somehow. Someone's gotta give!

PlayTheShow Double Deal!

The PlayTheShow classic with all amounts on the board doubled, just like in anniversary shows. Offers have been tinkered with to make them better, but statisticians will probably still complain!.

PlayTheShow Triple Deal!

The amounts have been tripled so the top prize is now 750,000 pounds. Now go out there and WIN!


Wakey's Deal or No Deal

Best of luck...


Mad Mark's Deal or No Deal

No more 1p(athetic), 10p(athetic) or 50p(athetic). Actually, the least you can walk away with is 500 quid. The only way to win 1p is to go to the bathroom. Could be interesting for them statisticians.

Skyline's Deal or No Deal

My version of Deal or No Deal, with my board. There's a top prize of 25,000,000 quid! The most in any version so far. It's similar to the board in my series, but mine has 30 boxes... I can't program boxes... yet! Check this space.

matthew17's Deal or No Deal

There's a 17 in every single amount. The board isn't multiplied by 17 though... that would be really crazy. Or maybe... Can you win a massive 17,000,000 pounds? Oh wait, that's 250k multiplied by 68.

KP's Deal or No Deal


22 box amounts from 5p to 200 grand. None of these items appear on the standard UK board, but all have appeared on an international version past or present... Best of luck, from KP and me.

PlayTheShow Quadruple Deal

A top prize of 1,000,000 pounds... have you got the guts to become a millionaire? This game will let you find out Have fun. I also edited the graphics, to make the entire experience a bit sleeker, because let's face it, the original graphics aren't the best...

Forum Member Deal or No Deal

Will you win a measly Skyline, or will you go home with a hefty KP... even a h2005? Don't take offence, I love you all. Equally. Money is the same as normal. A second version of this might be made with new members, with a certain member taking the place of the 1p.

Deal Who Rebecca?

Deal who Rebecca's Deal or No Deal Version

Forum Member Deal or No Deal II

An updated version of the forum member DoND with more current members (at the time - 2012). Only now uploaded and accessible!

Dedicated to matthew17, who loves online DOND games. Also, to all of The BEST DOND community!