Anyone Who Supports A Second ‘Actual Lockdown’ Is Insane

I have seen many tweets that have been calling for a second, ‘proper’ lockdown as COVID-19 continues to spread.

All one needs to do is observe the data and see that lockdowns have no effect on the spread of the virus throughout the country. Countries such as Chile and Peru have had severe lockdowns imposed, for significant periods of time – more so than the lockdowns in the UK and even the more stringent lockdowns in Spain and France. Yet, Chile and Peru find themselves in the top six countries ranked by deaths per million. Other countries in the world have had far fewer restrictions but have not suffered so badly. Sweden, often derided, has come out fairly well, considering that they also made the common mistake of sending sick elderly patients into care homes. Most African countries do not seem to have been affected whilst South America has been ravaged.

Surely this is good evidence that all these stringent lockdowns have been utterly pointless and have barely any effect on the course of the virus overall.

The mental health of people in lockdowns has been severely affected. Depression and suicide rates have soared due to these restrictions. Humans are not designed to be isolated for long periods of time. 1 in 4 young people were reported to suffer from suicidal thoughts in the US. Prolonged isolation, along with viewing other humans as nothing other than disgusting diseased parasites is severely damaging. If the social distancing and mask wearing continues for longer, this could stunt the social development of children.

The ones who have been pushing for more lockdowns are privileged people who have been able to work from home and stay inside, whilst shop workers, transport workers and delivery drivers amongst others have worked throughout. Barmy people on Twitter have informed their followers that they have spent over 170 days without leaving the house – yet they rely on people to deliver their groceries and their takeaway meals. These mind you are the same maniacs who wash their fresh produce with soap. Spending all this time indoors is extremely bad for one’s health – one does not need to be a doctor to realise this. Going outdoors and getting regular exercise is especially important to keep healthy. The fresh(ish) air does wonders, and Vitamin D absorbed from sun exposure strengthens the immune system to fight infections. Staying indoors will deplete your Vitamin D levels – leaving your immune system weaker – which will make you more susceptible to other infections.

Those who wish for a second ‘actual’ lockdown can feel free to go to a country or area which is currently under strict lockdown. I may suggest Melbourne, perhaps – which has turned into a police state.

September 12th 2020