NAPEGA METRO - Dame Alice Owen's Transport Network!


The hand-drawn map is going very well. The map will be done in five stages. Stage 1 is the initial draft of the lines, faintly drawn with pencil. Stage 2 is done digitally, traced over on Affinity Designer using the line colours. Anything that is changed or doesn't look right is changed on the software, then these comments will then be transferred onto the map. It also allows optimal placement of station names. Stage 3 is where all the comments for Stage 2 are transferred to the paper map. Stage 4 is when the colouring begins - and Stage 5 finalises everything with the key, station names confirmed with pen - and all done.

Stage 2 is almost done and commencement of Stage 3 happens on Sunday!

I haven't really touched the digital version of the map since. But will do when I get stage 3 completed and stage 4 begins.


The maps are both progressing. My work has been very busy lately. A lot is going on. Sports are returning. I am not having a Christmas holiday this year either (not because I'm scared of covid-19, but because I'm working on a project I've been wanting to do for a while). Christmas holidays will be in February, where I'll have all the time in the world!

The digital map is far more advanced than the hand-drawn map, but there is much to work on. I'm not all too happy with the North East, it looks a little unbalanced compared to the rest of my map - it'll need some re-designing. However, I'm relatively pleased with how it is turning out.

There is still much to do. Before even getting to adding the zones, grid, key and index of stations, I'll have to do the painstaking task of making all the lines' kinks curved (some already done), making sure stations are equidistant wherever possible, and getting all the interchange circles sorted. Little fixes, such as station markers aligning, fully touching the line and centering the station names will have to be done. But that time will come.

I'm happy to share what I have done so far. Compare and contrast to the mess I released in September - now that my design standards have almost completely been followed. It is a marked improvement!


Once the digital map is complete, the site will be next - I want this to be interactive. I will also be selling copies (fold up maps and prints) for those who want them (this is of course really applicable to my friends who are on the map, but who knows). You'll be able to click a station - see who it is named after, a memory I have of them... and a list of bus routes which serve the station. Of course there is a bus network, what kind of city do you think I'm imagining!

Feel free to let me know what you think, by the way.

As for the hand-drawn, things are going very slowly. It's a little tedious transferring my draft onto the high quality paper (because it can't just be traced). A lot of use of the ruler and protractor, being intricate as possible (I'm very assy about angles being 45°) - makes it a very time consuming project - plus having to use multiple sheets of paper (3 x A1, 6 x A2). 

I have done all of the Central, the north-west, west, south-west, parts of the south and east. Still need to finish off the south and the north-east.

The process is as follows:-




V4 - Draft


V5 - Draft 1

V5 - Draft 2



The Digital Map

I have purchased Affinity Designer and am learning the ropes with the software. It is a good purchase for those looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It had no issues at all with all the layers - the line paths, the station markers, interchange symbols and of course the station names - there are over 1000 stations on the map currently.

To try out the software, what I have done is traced the map from a photo onto the computer to gauge what happens. I have something - but it is indeed extremely rough and messy. But I’d like to show you all where I’m at.

The map I have drawn is by no means the final version of the map. Absolutely no way. It breaks many of my so called ‘design standards’. Station names too long that some letters end up in the lines. Interchange symbols where the line kinks. Station markers too close to a kink. What I intend to do in the final version of the map is incorporate all my design standards. 

I noticed a few challenges I will have on my hands for the redesign. For one - fonts tend to have wider individual characters compared to my relatively narrow handwriting. Even with kerning (character spacing) being reduced, station names are still touching the actual lines. It looks like the iconic circle is going to be changed to an ellipse for the redesign of the map. Compared to West St. Jacques, North St. Jacques has always looked a lot more cramped as the lines are closer together. An ellipse will help balance out the map overall. It's still a distinct shape that will jump out of the map (and I can get rid of those pesky 30° angles on lines 2 and 3 which have always previously been part of the map.

Included in the digital map will be grid lines, zones and an index of stations.

I am also hand-drawing the map (the circle will remain a circle) in conjunction with the digital version - because hand-drawn always looks very nice and artistic.



The vast majority of stations on this map have been named after people I know (and a few celebrities and other people, who I haven’t met personally, also have stations. For instance, my favourite YouTuber has got a station named after her).

If I’ve met you after August 2012 and you’ve made a lasting impression - then you have a station on the map. It’s a big map - so have a go finding your station (you can always FB message me if you can’t find your station!)

For hints - several areas (and lines) are devised for people in certain groups:- here’s a list: (clockwise from NW):-

This should help you locate your station.

Unfortunately, I may have forgotten a few people. If you think you deserve a station, you can always send me a message, stating why you deserve to be on the map. I’d also love to hear your thoughts and always appreciate a little bit of encouragement 😸


Once the map is completed, I’d like to make it more interactive. You can search by station and by names of people. You can click on a station to see who it’s named after, where I met them and a short memory I have of them. Also listed will be a list of bus routes serving the station. If I’m up for it I may make a journey planner too (and randomised engineering works, yes there will be engineering works!)

I would love to sell fold up prints of the map - or a small section of the map with one’s station on it, including the memory of said person. This will be in the future though, when it’s done!


I mentioned buses. Come on - you just know I have a bus network devised for the city. I will also add bus routes as well and which stations they serve


Welcome to St. Jacques, our beautiful city. Our aim is to get you around the city efficiently and ecologically. Simply put, we'll take you there!

We operate 18 Metro lines, 9 Overground lines, 6 Crossrail lines, 11 tram routes, a comprehensive light rail system and a cool people mover. We also operate 700 bus routes, along with a cycle hire scheme.

Why use the car? We'll take you there! 


This section is intended to be an interactive display of my artwork, which is a metro map of a fantasy city (not based on London), with stations named after people I have met throughout my life (since 2012), and people who I look up to (and a few I fancy hehe).

It is currently going through a redesign, and is intended to be drawn on the computer, where it can be more interactive. For now, it looks like this.

A previous version is seen below. The new version will add more tram lines, more Overground lines, a fully realised Crossrail system amongst other things. I cannot wait to finish it.