No separate files, I'm afraid! However you can print your sonata by only printing the pages that you need by clicking the "Early Days, 2002-2008" button on the previous page. Coming soon will be the sonatas with titles featuring your names. In the meantime, enjoy listening to them. Not all of the MIDIs have been uploaded yet, however, so please be patient!

1 Marisa's March: Marisa's Sonata

2 Key Changin': Jamie's Sonata

3 Chips: Niall's Sonata

4 Little Boy in the Big Ten

5 Demi Semi Snail Races: Eamonn's Sonata

6 Piccolo Prelude

7 Fat Kangaroos: Lewis' Sonata

8 Chip the Chimp

9 Coercer: Paolo's Sonata

10 Niall Gets It Wrong: Alicia's Sonata

11 Laci: Laci's Sonata

12 Add 'n' Odd

13 Crazy Cat and Mad Mouse: Ezinne's Sonata

14 Bouncy Frogs: Jordan's Sonata

15 Jazzy and the Pussycatz: Marco's Sonata

16 Peace on Earth

17 4 into 3: Gemma's Sonata

18 Tutti Frutti: Harriette's Sonata

19 Allegretto in A: Caterina's Sonata

20 He Fell Over and Cried: Jack's Sonata

21 Dance in 5/8: Gabrielle's Sonata

22 Bassoon Concerto: Kristina's Sonata

23 Uncle Albert's Attic

24 Etude in C

25 A Child is Born

26 Tortoise Twirl in D: Georgia's Sonata

27 Marisa's Waltz: Marisa's Sonata

28 Tortoise on a Carousel: George's Sonata

29 Andante in C

30 Andante in D: Alan's Sonata

31 A Piece by Maman I

32 Une Souris Verte

33 Lemons: Carla's Sonata

34 Oranges and Lemons

35 Drum Exercise

36 Bee Reef

37 The Crispy Worm: Georgina's Sonata

38 Sean and Niall Wear Wellies

39 Ka-Meleon: Chris' Sonata

40 Bell Lullaby: Gabriella's Sonata

41 Sean's Balloon: Sean's Sonata

42 Running Man

43 Sophia's Minuet: Sophia's Sonata

44 Mario's Back!

45 Snug as a Bug in a Rug: Hemali's Sonata

46 Bee Major Key: Oladayo's Sonata

47 The Millipede

48 Souris

49 The Tortoise: Connor's Sonata

50 I Had Hayfever One Day

51 Little Prelude in C

52 The Frog

53 Crocodile

54 Sibelius is Registered!

55 A Piece By Maman II

56 Mrs Woodhouse

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Tortoise on a Carousel